5 Renovation Ideas To Add Value to Your Home

By Tim Smith of Modernize

If you think it’s necessary to spend $65,000 on a complete kitchen remodel to really add value to a property, step back and take a breath. Today’s real estate market isn’t solely concentrated on replacing kitchen appliances and adding brand-new hardwood flooring throughout the space. Small renovations are making bigger waves than huge investments, allowing your next project to be a possible DIY situation with money to spare.

Think Hardware

Faucets, handles and knobs are all hardware pieces that make a bathroom or kitchen appear dated. Replace these items cheaply with brand new looks. Without even changing the paint or flooring, an entire room can look instantly new. This hardware reflects the modern look of today, giving buyers the feeling that extensive renovations have been made. Even an older sink looks shinier with a brand new faucet hovering over it. Hardware is one of the least expensive and most lucrative additions to any property.

Kitchen Cabinet Overhaul

While you consider the kitchen’s hardware, possibly think about updating the cabinet doors. They take up much of the visible space in a kitchen, making it look modern or vintage based on the design. For simplicity’s sake, paint the cabinet doors and replace the hardware. You could also add some accents to the door by hiring a woodworker to etch designs into the surface. Your kitchen’s style is up to your imagination and budget limitations.

Through the Door

Although some interior designers may suggest to replace doors, painting them is a renovation that’s quick and simple. Start with your front door. Take advantage of the project and remove the doorknob and lock hardware. Clean or replace them altogether. Paint the front door with a bold color, such as cobalt blue, bright yellow, or fire engine red. Continue with the project to include all interior doors. People must focus on doors as they move through the home. When they encounter fresh paint on each door, the entire space appears renovated to the novice eye.

Expand a Bedroom

If you have a master bedroom with windows looking out to a patio, consider a French door installation. The window holes are your starting point to open up the area. This renovation makes the bedroom look incredibly large, especially if you leave the doors open when a buyer walks through. Work with a reputable contractor for this renovation. You need to ensure the wall and installation are sound with the load-bearing portions of the home.

Convert an Attic

Attics tend to become wasted space for homeowners, relegating their use to the spiders. Expand the home without adding an expensive addition. The attic can be converted into a bedroom, literally opening up the square footage for a large family. Buyers appreciate the extra room as it lends a bit of romance to an otherwise basic floor plan. Make the attic a main feature during a sale, building up its use for guests, children, or even as a recreation room.

Gather Ideas

Grab the car keys and drive down to the local home improvement store. Take a look at all the kitchen and bathroom hardware they have to offer. Starting with simple projects gears you up for more involved renovations while still retaining high value at selling time.

Tim Smith writes for Modernize.

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