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6 Shabby Chic Bedrooms Designed to Inspire

By Jane Blanchard for Modernise

Shabby Chic is a decorating trend so popular that it’s become a new classic. Its mix of whimsical pieces and patterns and comfortable fabrics make it a go-to when it comes to bedroom décor. When putting together the ultimate Shabby Chic bedroom, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. Here are six bedrooms that are sure to inspire and guide your inner decorating diva.

This shabby chic bedroom evokes the turn of the century time period.

Shabby Chic via Zsa Zsa BellagioThe clean, strong lines of the iron-wrought bed combined with the simple white cotton and linen bedding are at once both elegant and inviting. A blush color on the walls and a touch of antiqued tea-colored accents and flowers remind us that shabby chic doesn’t have to be fussy.

White not your thing? No worries.

shabby-chic-via-zillow-digsMany folks have a misconstrued perception that shabby chic exclusively embodies an English cottage, whiteout style room. Sure, the all-white cottage look is fantastic, but because shabby chic is supposed to be organically-inspired design, it embodies the ‘homey’ look of a variety of cultures including French, Swedish and American Shakers cottage-culture.The bedroom is a great example of a Southern France-inspired bedroom with bold focal points that demand attention, while still maintaining the dreamy, relaxed quality of the shabby chic ideal. The distressed blue, wooden wall art and nightstand provide a visual punch and give structure to the otherwise ethereal bedding and pillows. The muted neutrals in the rug with a touch of blue and green also ground the bedroom and keep it from being too sweet.

The canopy bed is a shabby chic signature

…and what better ambassador to a design style than something as romantic and indulgently feminine as the canopy bed?This bedroom design captures the girlish romance of a shabby chic bedroom. The gauzy bed curtains tied with floral accents, the crocheted bedspread and vintage wallpaper combine to form an enchanting hideaway for those who remain young at heart.

When designers speak about wallpaper

… they usually fall into two camps – the lovers and the haters. If wallpaper books make your heart flutter, then your heart beats true blue for shabby chic design. The bedroom incorporates an Asian-inspired swallows and flowers wallpaper, which perfectly complements the heaviness of the vintage wooden bed. Wallpaper is a great resource when you are creating a shabby chic room. It is relatively inexpensive and can add dimension and visual interest to an otherwise architecturally barren modern house design.

If your design philosophy is “the more the merrier”


… then this shabby chic bedroom is a feast for the eyes. Capturing the layered, multi-textured look that shabby chic first became famous for in the 80s, the layers of lace, ruffles, and organza in the fabrics and the mixture of wood, metal, wicker and ceramics provide fabulous inspiration for a bedroom that exemplifies all the elements of the original shabby chic design basics.

The versatility of shabby chic design is personified in this rustic chic cabin bedroom.


Juxtaposing the rough, unfinished floors and walls of a country cabin, is a vintage bed draped in luxuriant yet relaxed cotton and linen ruffles. Dried flowers, hung from the ceiling, not only provide visual interest but also tie the natural elements of the walls and flooring to the color palette of bedding.

Shabby chic encompasses a wide range of style and design choices.

It encourages comfort, creativity, found art, and repurposing, all of which make it a great option when designing a livable, beautiful bedroom.

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