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Woman in yoga pose on beach

How Yoga Can Positively Influence You

by Nicola Anderson for RDX Sports

Yoga is more than 5000 years old, and throughout this time it has perfected itself and has become the ultimate source of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and for some, religious needs. It is an all-round experience trust me, and any voids you have in your life will all be filled with this simple exercise. This completeness is why people refer to yoga as not only a workout routine but also a complete way of life, which it can be. Read more…

Beating Winter Blues And Building A Better You

by Elliot Bratby of

When winter hits with full force, we’re all going to try to beat those winter blues by looking for warm, cosy places to hide. And chances are, if you’re like the rest of us, as the temperature falls you could do with a few tips, not just to stay dry but also to keep your spirits high.

So here are ten of the best things you can do to survive the Winter months, and maybe even come out the other side a better you!

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Dr Tom Roselle - Using herbs to manage health

Herbal Medicine III

Dr. Tom Roselle and Dr. Stephanie Pina discuss the options and benefits of using herbs to manage health

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