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How Yoga Can Positively Influence You

by Nicola Anderson for RDX Sports

Yoga is more than 5000 years old, and throughout this time it has perfected itself and has become the ultimate source of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and for some, religious needs. It is an all-round experience trust me, and any voids you have in your life will all be filled with this simple exercise. This completeness is why people refer to yoga as not only a workout routine but also a complete way of life, which it can be.

Mental Health

Peace, harmony, and calmness are something people in this world can only dream about. I don’t need to remind you that the world is full of worries and fears, all of us have them, it’s no secret. The only solutions to our problem, in my opinion, is to cope with them, not let them be bottled up inside you. Releasing stress should be one of your priorities, people with depression don’t do much in this world because it slows them down mentally and in some cases physically. Depression and anxiety are an illness and you need to treat them like it. The best medication for these infections would be exercise. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercises therefore what better way to blow off some steam than with yoga. It will help you calm yourself and get your mind right. Yoga involves meditation with controlled mindful breathing which would give you added centred attention, more concentrated thoughts with clarity and calmness in your mind.

Mental health should be an important part of your life, you should treat it like it’s supposed to be. Yoga relieves stress and helps you handle your problems better in life, that’s what you need to do in order to stay healthy and fit.

Healthy on the Inside

Yoga is something that’ll keep your body running for a longer time when compared to that of an average Joe. Yoga surges your body’s normal conditions and makes it experience something tougher, these new conditions are what develops your body into something stronger than before. As Yoga is one of the best forms of cardio it is guaranteed to keep your heart running and pumping blood throughout the veins. As for your lungs, they too keep running at great pace with required exchanges between Carbon dioxide and oxygen. When your oxygen levels are at the desired level your entire body functions more cordially.

Weight loss

I wouldn’t say that weight loss is the most ideal of things to do to your body. It’s not, in my and many others opinion, a healthy approach to life. It is however still way better than being a slob, so you have my blessings. Anyways, because yoga will help you break down some of that fat mass and burn quite a lot of your calories, you will see yourself getting slimmer by the day. High metabolism rate is also something that comes with correctly practised yoga. The intestines are speeded up and your entire body works faster. A higher metabolism also means that all the calories you intake can be broken to make hormones, skin, nails, flesh, and other organ tissue, this is why fast metabolism is very important for you. If you need to take it up a notch grab a pair of gloves and start throwing some to a punching bag. This will not only add to the yoga experience but will extend the results.

A leaner body shape is something that people are looking for and if you’re one of those people than yoga is for you. I suggest all that’s lefts to do now is to a grab a pair of trousers and start doing yoga right now.

Increase in Muscle

People that are not interested in slicing themselves to a thin piece of human flesh, want muscles. Now, this is something I wholeheartedly support. Muscle gain is very important not just because it makes you feel and look cool, but also because of the gain in strength you get.  The burning of fat comes in this aspect of yoga too, but it not just the burning of fat mass, it’s also the gain in muscle mass. An increase in your muscle mass means that you’ll be more flexible, stronger and less prone to injuries. Injuries will also further be protected because yoga is also known to stronger bones by increasing their density. So remember yoga isn’t just for losing weight it’s also to gain muscle and strength.

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Nicola Anderson is a 25-year-old sports journalist based in the UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing and reviews boxing gloves as well. When she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.

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