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Save Money by Repairing Your Old Windows

by Alex Omelchenko of Apex Window Werks
If you have called a professional for an assessment of your windows and they have recommended you replace them, you need to be able to make an informed, smart decision about whether this is truly necessary or whether you could save money by repairing your old windows. Either way, we advise getting more than one quote and finding trusted and well-reviewed companies via word of mouth, contacting local preservation commissions/societies or online reviewing sites.

Save Money by Repairing Your Old Windows Rather Than Replacing Them

Windows are both functional and aesthetic and they add to the overall character of a building and many experts recommended that you should try to keep original windows and doors as the removal of which can actually detract value from your property. You will also save money by repairing your old windows, so repair is king.

Identify and assess

Over the years weathering, wood eating insects and excess moisture have taken a toll on your windows, especially wooden ones, causing deterioration and damage.
Assess and identify any cracks, water damage, insect damage, etc. on your windows and fixtures and address any maintenance issues.
Sometimes simple repair jobs may include replacing certain parts of the windows but will still be much cheaper than the cost of new windows.

Do it yourself

The benefit of original windows is that, unlike some modern windows, you can remove and replace components of the windows rather than needing to replace the whole window.
There are many repair jobs you can do yourself, like the following:

  • You may have some windows that are painted shut, or simply have many layers of paint that have been applied over the years. Stripping sanding and re-painting (if that is the desired look) may take some time and be slightly labour intensive but will definitely be worth it once you see the final result.
  • Liquid epoxy or resin can be used to fill in rotted areas and small cracks and fissures. Wood filler or putty can also be used to repair cracks in the trim and sills, after which it can be sanded and painted.
  • Adhesive vinyl weather stripping can be used to plug gaps in sashes while still allowing you to open and close the windows.
  • Clean, polish and oil hinges, latches, handles and locks to revive old hardware, if there are those that are no longer functional you can replace them (search online for original fittings if needed)
  • For non-wooden and modern windows it is usually the gasket that needs replacing.
  • Replace missing or cracked window pane glass.
  • For added energy efficiency and security window tint and film can be applied, reducing heat gain, blocking UV rays and added privacy. Some films can even turn your windows into safety glass.
  • Ensure that you are regularly maintaining your windows and applying treatments where necessary.

Taking the time and making a small financial investment in repairing your windows will save you money (compared to replacing them) and also reduce energy wastage. Your home deserves it.

save money by repairing your old windows - wooden windows after repair

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