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Subject Matter Experts Wanted

Are you an expert in any fields that would be of interest to the boomer generation?

We are constantly looking for subject matter experts in the fields of financial management, tax, health and anything related to sustainable lifestyles – which really encompasses all of the above!

At this stage we can’t offer much more than fame, in the form of full credit and a backlink to your site but hopefully as the site develops, the opportunity for a passive income stream will follow. Various monetisation strategies are being developed to facilitate this and any ideas in this regard are welcomed.

We’re happy to host quality blog posts that lead back to your products (physical or digital, free or commercial), providing they contribute to the spirit of the site. i.e. a genuine desire to help boomers transition into a secure and sustainable retirement

Any submission medium is welcome but we reserve the right to re-purpose all submitted articles into other forms, such as video, audio, infographics and PDF downloads.

Please note that we are serious about publishing only high quality content, so we are not interested in any spun articles. All articles will be subject to approval and editorial review.

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